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Who are we

Biomega Natural Nutrients S.L. is a biotechnological company specifically designed to obtain oil with a high content of natural cold extracted Omega 3. This means that, due to its advanced technology, no chemical solvents or high temperatures are used during this process that could compromise the quality of the final product. As a result, the finished oil contains a high Omega 3 content maintaining its natural properties and biological activity.

Biomega Natural Nutrients

In addition to the Omega 3 oil extraction with high quality and bioavailability, Biomega Natural Nutrients, S.L. is specialized in the manufacturing of soft gel capsules, relying on a R&D team that develops new formulations for our own products as well as for third parties.

Our facilities are also equipped with two spray dryers for obtaining powder products, such as flours or aromas.

Biomega Natural Nutrients
Our location ensures that the raw material selected (fish liver) is of the highest quality, all from the Galician fleet.
Biomega Natural Nutrients
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