Natural Omega 3 Oil

Natural Omega 3 Oil


Natural Fish Liver Oil manufactured by Biomega Natural Nutrients is a dietary supplement which presents a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids. Due to its 100% natural cold extraction contains these fatty acids, EPA and DHA, in a completely bioavailable state. In addition, it contents vitamins A and D3 present in their natural state. Processing is conducted following good manufacturing practices throughout the chain, ensuring traceability.

In addition, this oil has a pre-clinical study carried out by the Centro de Investigación en Medicina Molecular y Enfermedades Crónicas (CIMUS) of the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (USC), in which the anti-inflammatory capacity of Active Omega 3 has been demonstrated.

Characteristics and composition of the oil

  • Characteristics
    • Transparent pale yellow liquid.
    • Low viscosity and vacuum deodorized.
  • Composition:
    • Natural Fish Liver Oil Extracted in Cold with a high content of Omega 3 (EPA 5-7% DHA 21-23%), Antioxidant (Mixed Natural Tocopherols E-306), and Natural Vitamins A and D3.
  100 g of oil
Natural Fish Liver Oil 99,54 g
EPA* 5-7 g
DHA* 21-23 g
Mixed Natural Tocopherols 0,40 g
Vitamin A* 56022,50 mg
Vitamin D3* 90,15 mg
*This is a variable quantity due to it being a natural product

Oil quality and security values

EPA % Area 5-7 PAFQ 064.1
DHA % Area 21-23 PAFQ 064.1
Total Omega 3 % Area ≤30 PAFQ 064.1
Acid value mg KOH/g Max. 3 UNE 55.011
Peroxides value meq/Kg Max. 10 AOAC 965.33
Moisture % 0,2 AOCS Ca 2e-84
Cold test - Clear AOCS Cc 11-53
Density 20ºC g/ml 0,91-0,95 AOCS Cc 10c-95

Security values

Cadmium1 mg/Kg Max 0,1 ICP-MS
Mercury1 mg/Kg Max 0,1 ICP-MS
Led1 mg/Kg Max 0,1 ICP-MS
Inorganic Arsenic mg/Kg Max 0,1 ICP-MS
Sum of Dioxins (EQT PCDD/F-OMS)2 pg/g Max. 1,75 P-SAI-UTC-08
Sum of Dioxins and PCB’S dioxin like (EQT PCDD/FPCB OMS)2 pg/g Max. 6,00 P-SAI-UTC-08
1 Regulation (CE) 629/2008.
2Regulation (UE) 1259/2011.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store in a cool (15-20ºC), dry and dark place.

Being an oily product it can experience light expansions and/or contractions during transport which may result in minor losses or deformations.

Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacture, closed in its original package.


Natural Fish Liver Oil Extracted in Cold manufactured by Biomega Natural Nutrients is available in the following formats:

  • Container: 25 kg
  • Bulk: 190 kg
  • Octotank: 1000 kg
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